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About The Redirection Connection
The Redirection Connection is an educational company offering a variety of training courses to professionals and the general public. Using a non-judgmental, democratic approach, students are trained to deal with relationship issues, whether within the family or in a professional setting. Parents, as well as child care and teaching professionals, have found the skills learned in the Redirecting Children's Behavior course to be incredibly valuable tools used in everyday life. While the company does offer highly insightful and entertaining workshops and presentations, the courses themselves delve deeper into learning and utilizing these advanced, more practical skills. Marriage and Family Coaching offered at The Redirection Connection is an effective alternative to therapy and counseling.

About Tammy Cox
Tammy Cox, LMSW received her Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas and brings more than 25 years experience to her profession. Since 1988 she has been the owner and director of The Redirection Connection. She is an instructor and instructor trainer for the International Network for Children and Families and a nationally certified instructor for Global Relationship Centers, Inc. She has served as consultant to families, schools,day care centers, special groups and professionals in the medical and legal arenas, as well as guest trainer for various agencies and organizations. She also writes articles and regular columns for several publications and is a professional speaker.

Instructor Info
All Redirection Connection instructors teaching the Redirecting Children's Behavior course have successfully completed the intensive Parenting Instructor Network Training and are certified by the International Network for Children and Families with headquarters in Gainesville, Florida. Instructors for other courses and those involved in coaching have also received training and certification in their appropriate fields. All Redirection Connection instructors and coaches maintain and improve their skills through regular continuing education.

How to become a Certified Instructor

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