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For Parents
Or anyone who interacts with children...Could this be you?

Because children don't come with instruction manuals!

Redirecting Children's BehaviorTM

The Course


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    Do you recognize one of these children?
  • A TEENAGER who breaks the rules
  • A TODDLER who demands constant, undivided attention
  • SIBLINGS who fight
  • The BULLY who pushes others around
  • The HELPLESS CHILD ("I can't")
  • The STUBBORN CHILD who loves power struggles
  • The ANNOYING CHILD who demands to be the center of attention
  • This course is for YOU!!!

This is a powerful course that teaches practical parenting skills. The whole course atmosphere is supportive, non-judgmental and loving. Learn how to resolve conflicts and create more effective teamwork at home and at work.

    Participants learn to:
  • Resolve conflicts without power struggles.
  • Focus on the problem without judging the child.
  • Allow children to solve their own problems, offering guidance when needed.
  • Replace negative motivational messages (guilt, nagging, threats, bribes) with positive messages.
  • Assist children in becoming self-sufficient, responsible and self-confident.


Redirecting Children's Behavior Course Outline


*Prevent Sibling and Peer Rivalry
*Replace Fighting With Negotiation and Cooperation
*Teach Children to Resolve Their Own Conflicts
*Understand a Child's Behavior and How It Relates to Birth Order

*Teach Children Respect and Responsibility
*Creating a Self Motivated Child
*Explore How Parenting Methods Affect Children
*Building a Child's Self Confidence

*Understand Why a Child Misbehaves
*Learn Specific Techniques That Work for Each Goal of Misbehavior
*Offer Choices so that Your Child Can Make Healthy Decisions

*Teach Self Control
*Find Ways to Hold Children Accountable For Their Actions
*Application of Natural and Logical Consequences to Behavior

*How to Win the Other Parent's Cooperation
*Planning for Family Meetings
*Opening Communications Between All Family Members


Click here for a schedule of classes and prices


Parents and professionals love RCB! Here's what participants say about the course:

"'Redirecting Children's Behavior' offers a lot of workable solutions to problems parents are facing."

Toni Watkins
East Pasco County Association
for Children Under Six

"I was amazed! I learned much more than I could have imagined. Not only am I using these skills as a mom, I find that I am constantly utilizing them in my work as an entertainer/businesswoman as well."

Sara Hickman, Singer/Songwriter

"...common sense, easy to apply parenting tools that really work! The inevitable and wonderful result is increased family harmony and closeness."

Donna S. Hurley, M.D.

"RCB is so effective it has changed my life within my household. In addition to helping me feel more empowered as a parent, RCB has taught me how to raise a happy and self-confident child."

Cari Galloway, Parent

"RCB is based on some of the finest and most well respected work in all of psychology. There is no greater gift that a parent might give to their child than this kind of training...your children and you are worth it."

Mark Shafer, Psychologist

"RCB is a big reason our kids are turning out to be young men we enjoy being around."

Alan Gober, Parent of teen

"I have five children from 17 to 2 years old. The course helped me personally and professionally. I have used the training to develop a school program for eighth graders to help improve communications between parents and children."

Judy Brooks, Social Worker
Gulf Middle School

"'Redirecting Children's Behavior' has changed my life. Not only has it helped in every aspect of our parenting, but it has also enhanced our marriage."

Renee Ward, Parent

    Customized parenting workshops are also available:
  • Peer Sibling/Rivalry: What To Do About Fighting
  • Enhancing Your Child's Self-Esteem
  • Democratic Parenting in a Democratic Society
  • Your Child's Personality; What Shapes It?
  • Handling Power Struggles!!
  • Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
  • Discipline for the Strong-Willed Child
  • Survival Tools For Parents(and Teachers) of an ADD/ADHD Child
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Encouragement -- The Magic Ingredient
  • Couples Communication
  • Teens -- Letting Go Without Giving Up
  • Teach Children to Handle Anger and Other Feelings Appropriately

Also available from
The Redirection Connection...

Private Coaching

Telephone Consultations

In response to many requests, we are now offering telephone consultations. Many people have said they wanted to call for help but felt guilty taking up our time on the phone and if they were able to pay for it would feel freer to do so. So if you want private coaching on family or relationship issues and are unable to come into the office (especially if you live a distance from Austin) you may schedule a phone appointment at (512)243-8060

Coached Family Meetings

Many of you have said that you understand the value and want to have regular family meetings, but have felt unsuccessful in getting them started.Because so many of you have asked, we have decided to offer to facilitate and coach a family meeting for you. We can have the sessions at The Redirection Connection to work around your busy schedules. Weekends and evenings are available. Summer would be a good time to get into the habit of regular family meetings!

Please call (512)243-8060 for more information or to schedule your family meeting!

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