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*Social Work & LMFT CEUs and Inservice Training Credits for Child Care Workers available

Parenting Instructor Network Training

Would you like to make a difference in your community and start your own successful business?

The International Network for Children and Families trains people throughout the world to teach "Redirecting Children's Behavior," and provides you with all the skills and materials you need to start your own successful seminar business.
  • Course Materials
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Marketing and Sales Skills

"Redirecting Children's Behavior"
A Powerful Parenting Course

Instructors teach a fifteen hour course, in 3 sessions over five weeks called "Redirecting Children's Behavior" (RCB).

Course materials involve Adlerian psychology and were strongly influenced by the work of Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., author of the highly acclaimed book, Children: The Challenge.

The interactive and enjoyable format enables participants to learn practical skills they can put to use the very next day!

Parents find they are able to enjoy the parenting process more, and their children become more cooperative and families create more closeness in their relationships.

About the Instructor Training:

Prospective instructors must apply through a Certified Parenting Instructor Trainer or through The International Network for Children and Families.

You may obtain more information by calling Tammy Cox, Certified INCAF Trainer for Central Texas and surrounding areas at:


Potential instructors must attend the approximately 35 - 40 hour, four day course consisting of complete training in the methods and techniques that have made the RCB course so successful.

At The Redirection Connection
The Training Fee Includes:

  • An Instructor Manual with complete outlines for each of the 5 sessions of the RCB course. Also included are originals of necessary forms, fliers, additional handouts and certificates.

  • Twelve RCB books and twelve RCB workbooks for your first class.

  • One copy of the RCB Home Course.

  • A training video and many other supplies and services to help instructors be successful.

  • National support including informative newsletters and updates on course materials.

Parents and professionals love RCB! Here's what participants say about the course:

"'Redirecting Children's Behavior' offers a lot of workable solutions to problems parents are facing."

Toni Watkins
East Pasco County Association
for Children Under Six

"I was amazed! I learned much more than I could have imagined. Not only am I using these skills as a mom, I find that I am constantly utilizing them in my work as an entertainer/businesswoman as well."

Sara Hickman, Singer/Songwriter

"...common sense, easy to apply parenting tools that really work! The inevitable and wonderful result is increased family harmony and closeness."

Donna S. Hurley, M.D.

"RCB is so effective it has changed my life within my household. In addition to helping me feel more empowered as a parent, RCB has taught me how to raise a happy and self-confident child."

Cari Galloway, Parent

"RCB is based on some of the finest and most well respected work in all of psychology. There is no greater gift that a parent might give to their child thatn this kind of training...your children and you are worth it."

Mark Shafer, Psychologist

"RCB is a big reason our kids are turning out to be young men we enjoy being around."

Alan Gober, Parent of teen

"I have five children from 17 to 2 years old. The course helped me personally and professionally. I have used the training to develop a school program for eighth graders to help improve communications between parents and children."

Judy Brooks, Social Worker
Gulf Middle School

"'Redirecting Children's Behavior' has changed my life. Not only has it helped in every aspect of our parenting, but it has also enhanced our marriage."

Renee Ward, Parent


INCAF is a worldwide group committed to helping families and schools be a source of encouragement for children.

The organization was created by author and international speaker Kathryn Kvols.
Kvols has co-authored three books: Redirecting Children's Behavior, Understanding Yourself and Others, and Parenting Guidelines.

Our purpose is to create new generations of responsible children with higher self-esteem and better cooperation skills.

Why should I become a part of this International Network?

    You will be able to:

  • Empower people to make dramatic changes in their lives.

  • Network with people throughout the world who are committed to children and families.

  • Make a significant difference in our world.

  • Experience the joys of teaching.

  • Be your own boss, choose your own hours, select your own clientele.

  • Be in charge of your own property and success.

  • Contribute to world peace, because

Peace Begins at Home

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