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Redirecting Children's Behavior
All who enroll are encouraged to bring their spouse, another relative or a friend for free!
(Or you and a friend can split the cost!)


Tuesday Evenings: 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Starts Jan. 19, 2010
The Redirection Connection


Parenting Through Divorce

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Space is limited!
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The Redirection Connection

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* Please read the following about pricing structure!

One of the things that has become very clear over the 19+ years I have been teaching RCB is that everyone taking the course needs to have someone else in their life (preferably a spouse) in the course with them. Almost without exception when only one parent attends they say it would have been so much easier to incorporate the RCB techniques if their spouse were in alignment. Sometimes a couple will think that one can take the course and then teach it to the other, but that almost never works because most people resist learning from their spouse.

So, with that in mind, the price for Redirecting Children's Behavior at the Redirection Connection is a flat $495 and everyone who enrolls at that price is encouraged to bring someone (a spouse if at all possible) with them at no charge. When child care is a problem I will still let a couple come to different classes as long as it is within the same general time frame If there is no spouse or if that is not an option then participants are encouraged to invite a friend or other family member. At least there will be someone else in their lives to support the new techniques and philosophy they are learning in the class. This system makes it almost impossible for someone to come to the class without such support.

And for those rare occasions when one person does come alone we will credit the scholarship fund so they will still be able to help other parents gain the benefits of RCB. We never want the cost of the course to keep anyone from gaining the value of RCB so we will try to always have a least some scholarship assistance available for those who need it.

At The Redirection Connection we will still continue to offer free reviews and we are also adding other services like phone consults and discounts on office visits to help you keep it going. Our goal is to be a valuable parenting resource for all of our graduates. We want you to get everything you hoped for and a whole lot more from our classes.

Another thing I have learned over the years is that parents seem to gain a lot more when the classes are small enough for everyone to freely share, ask questions and feel heard so I am committed to limiting classes at The Redirection Connection to about 12 participants.

For years we have been marketing RCB as just another class, but our graduates tell us over and over that it is way more than that. RCB is life changing and long lasting certainly worth a far greater investment than what we could ever charge. Most graduates say they would have paid 10 times (or more) the price if they had known how valuable it would be to them. For example: If you have been having bedtime battles with your child for months on end, what would it be worth to you to get that handled? And I know myself that I could have saved thousands of dollars in counseling fees for my daughter if I had had RCB instead. She may have at some point still needed a little counseling because life does have challenges, but at least she would have cooperated and it would not have been money wasted. And what would any loving parent be willing to pay to help their child avoid the pressures of drugs, sex and gang behavior?

What we teach in RCB is really quite revolutionary – very different from what most of us grew up with. It is based on parenting from love instead of fear and there is a real fear of change for many parents. We all want to think that we turned out OK and so therefore our parents must have done a pretty good job of raising us. That is usually quite true, and yet we can still do much better. No matter how wonderful our parents were I think we all really hope to be even more successful. After all, if our parents had really done a perfect job our lives would be much easier, we would have more self-confidence, our relationships would all be healthier and we would love our work, right? The divorce rate would not be at about 50% and there would not be so many of us numbing out on alcohol, drugs, overworking, overeating, etc. All in all our parents did the best job with the tools they had and most of them had faulty and in some cases lousy tools. RCB offers more effective tools based on a much better understanding of basic human behavior.

RCB is about parenting for the long term. We focus on how we want our children to behave now and also on what kind of adults we want them to become. Many times parents use tools to get a situation under control and sacrifice the future. If they resort to the old carrot and stick approach the child feels manipulated, forced, angry and resentful and they will make the parent pay. The bill may be presented immediately in the form of a temper tantrum or it may come years later when the child gets involved in gangs, or drugs or even later when they move 2000 miles away and only call once or twice a year. They may even deny us access to our own grandchildren.

What we know and what we teach in RCB is that it is much easier to gain the cooperation of a child than to control him and best of all, there is no big price tag. That is because we focus on creating close, loving and respectful relationships. With relationships like that children are just naturally much likely to want to cooperate.

RCB is not just a class; it is an important and valuable investment in the life of your family!