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What's New

Telephone Consultations

In response to many requests, we are now offering telephone consultations.  Many people have said they wanted to call for help but felt guilty taking up our time on the phone and if they were able to pay for it would feel freer to do so. So if you want private coaching on family or relationship issues and are unable to come in to the office (especially if you live a distance from Austin) you may schedule a phone appointment at (512)243-8060

Coached Family Meetings

Many of you have said that you understand the value and want to have regular family meetings, but have felt unsuccessful in getting them started.  Because so many of you have asked we have decided to offer to facilitate and coach a family meeting for you. We can have the sessions at The Redirection Connection to work around your busy schedules.  Weekends and evenings are available.  Summer would be a good time to get into the habit of regular family meetings!

Please call (512)243-8060 for more information or to schedule your family meeting!

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